Do you deliver? 

Yes! Products are delivered with Australia Post. Balloon delivers are delivered by hand with 48 hour notice needed. Price given on enquiry.  


How do I place a ballon order? 

Visit our Contact Us page here or text 0409 028 782, call us at 7012 9198 or find us via Instagram and Facebook.


What if I want to talk to someone about my order?

Ring 7012 9198 or text 0409 028 782 between 9am and 5pm. 


How long do the balloons last for?

Each balloon type varies.

Balloon garlands can last for weeks if kept in the right environment as they are air filled. Helium balloons on the other hand have a lot less float time.

However, float time can vary due to high humidity, temperature and air conditioning. We recommend inflating the balloon as close as possible to the start time of your event. 


Do you use biodegradable balloons? 

Yes, all our latex balloons are biodegradable.


We welcome all other enquiries.