Whether on the golf course or an afternoon walk, The Angelsea will protect you from the sun in style. The Angelsea is an elegant choice for golfing – it will never blow off on the course, and is ideal for being packed in your bag. 

  • Colour: White and cornflower blue trim. 
  • Ball Marker: A signature DH ball marker magnetises to the side of the headband trim.
  • Flexibraid®: Offering remarkable resilience for flat packing. 
  • Size: 58cm (M/L) Can be reduced to 56cm (S/M) using ComfyFit adjustor
  • Comfy-fit: Ensures your hat will never be blown away with this device that offers the perfect fit.
  • Australian: Proudly handmade and manufactured in Australia
  • Hand wash: In soapy water. 

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